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The Address
By Fiona Davis

New York City's most famous residence, The Dakota, is the main  setting of this impossible-to-put down novel by Fiona Davis. Known for its celebrity occupants (Bogie and Bacall, Lennon and Ono), the landmark edifice certainly holds its share of secrets.

The year is 1884: Sara Smythe comes to New York as the managerette of the newly built Dakota, "one of the most perfect apartment houses in the world," and is instantly seduced by the charms of certain residents and the opulent building itself. But before long, the ambitious and beautiful Sara is faced with a series of personal and  professional challenges that eventually lead to a shocking, downward spiral of deception, murder, and madness.

Fast-forward 100 years to 1984: Bailey Camden, a down-on-her-luck interior  designer,  is chasing her own fair share of demons. She is giddy with the opportunity of giving one of the luxurious apartments a much-needed "face lift." And very much like Sara Smythe, she quickly becomes not only enamored with the history and charisma of the infamous structure, but is drawn into financial and criminal intrigues that surprisingly connect her with past occupants and change her life forever.

So perhaps it's never know what happens behind closed doors, no matter The Address .