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By Daisy Goodwin


Readers will love every page of this book, as the curtains of Buckingham Palace are thrown open wide and we are given a glimpse of royal life through the eyes of young Victoria.

When Victoria assumes the throne  at age 18, she becomes sovereign of  the entire British Empire - quite a daunting responsibility for a teenager. But despite her age and inexperience, Victoria successfully outmaneuvers her political  opponents and stifles her critics with wit, intelligence, and a surprising level of maturity and poise.

Based on her thorough research, Goodwin is able  to personalize Victoria for us, allowing us a unique opportunity to eavesdrop on intimate moments imagined by the author: failed flirtations, wardrobe disasters, family fall-ous,  rampant gossip. We listen in as she agonizes over court protocol and we share her grief as she weeps over an injured pet.

Open the book, enter the palace, and  step into Victoria's world. It's  fun, it's fascinating, and  it's very well-done.